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Patio Screens Blog

Useful Features Roll Up Patio Screens Usually have



A patio constitutes a very functional and aesthetic component of your home's exterior living spaces. It can serve as the ideal dining area or recreational purposes. But you can add more style and function to the space by installing roll up patio screens. In other words, retractable screens for patio may roll up and down as required to serve their goal.


Let's take a look at some important considerations in case you're considering buying any type of patio screens:




You may prefer to buy retractable patio screens that may be controlled automatically. These come with the remote control mechanism that may trigger their rolling up or down.


Professional Installation


While trying to figure out where to get your roll up screens for patio, you may prefer to inquire if the experts may visit your home to set up the system. When a factory trained crew does the complete patio screen installation process, this guarantees that excellent quality work will be done, and your home won't be damaged, allowing for lasting satisfaction. To get more ideas about patio screens, , visit


Your Style


It is possible to have custom roll down screens for patio installed to match your style. There are numerous customization options for you to choose from, including frames that match the color of your home. There are also custom wood grain finishes that you may want to look at.


Ability to Manipulate the Environment


You can set up roll up screens so that you may manipulate the environment within the space to offer the best comfort. You may select the material you consider most suitable for your objectives, including fabric, mesh, and vinyl. 


A lot of environmental elements may be controlled including solar heat, which ensures no scorching while you're enjoying your outdoor living spaces. The set up also includes insect protection, particularly at night when insects may be drawn to the light in your patio.


Thanks to roll up patio screens, you may also manipulate the circulation of fresh air and natural ventilation for optimal enjoyment. Other features you can control include climate as well as privacy.


When your retractable patio screen system is sufficiently automated, you may enjoy controls like sun and wind sensors plus integration with home automation. Operation is possible through a number of convenient ways, such as a handheld remote device, a smart phone app, or wall mounted device.




It makes sense that the screens you pick should match the width and height of your patio's opening.


Roll up patio screens help give additional function and beauty to the space on top of the already existing advantages. These benefits explained above can be some of the numerous factors to help you choose your patio screen.